Aubin is a celebration of Britishness, authenticity and longevity.

By creating better, we encourage intelligent choices around sustainability, promoting a message of quality above quantity. We’re challenging the addiction to discount and throwaway fashion. The latest season, fads and fashions don’t interest us. We’re driven by quality, personal style and independent thinking.


british born

We believe in modern British design; inspired by the past, living in the present,
to create the heritage of tomorrow.

We're proud of our roots, and authentic British style underpins everything that
we do. With appreciation of what has gone before, we create future classics and
champion British spirit. We collaborate with British industry and specialists
in their field. By seeking the best in everything, we produce clothes that are
made to last.


We don’t believe in fast-fashion, clothes should last. So, everything we make is made well. Our garments won’t date in style or deteriorate but last wear after wear.  Inspired by the past, living in the present and designed to be as relevant in the future as they are now. 

We demand quality, and always evaluate our processes and impact. This drives sustainability, and allows customers to make conscious, well considered choices about the clothes that they buy. It’s our mission to make the best garments at the right price, producing the right clothes not just more of them.

We know we aren’t perfect, but we know our planet and its future needs us to make things that last and have potential beyond your wardrobe. So, we encourage you to care for your clothing, put them through their paces, mend them, share them and pass them on for others to enjoy.

working with experts

Our manufacturers are people we know well and trust to make the highest quality products. We take time to understand who is best positioned to make each individual product, ensuring that we only work with experts. Our philosophy is more about how products are made and not about where they are made. 

The Aubin team have a global knowledge of the best manufacturers in their fields and will always endeavour to source as close to home as possible. Responsible manufacturing is key and we only partner with makers where sustainability is an important priority. All our garment packaging is made from recycled materials and can be recycled, we want to remove virgin plastic from any of our processes. Our inventory is kept small, prices fair and transparent.