Friends of AUBIN

Daniel Quirke


Dan describes himself as an actor who paints. This multi-faceted creative is currently appearing as Moon River in the Netflix adaption of Neil Gaimans 'The Sandman'

He has also just finished a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe in Sh!t-Faced Showtimes 'A P*ssedmas Carol' An interesting twist on the Dickensian classic, where the cast of professional actors have a single intoxicated cast member thrown into the mix each night. When asked about the rehearsals for this show, Dan describes the process: they always rehearse a slick show and then it's in the hand of the Gods when it comes to the actual performance. Every night is different as the cast take it in turns to be the inebriated one!

Dan is reprising his role in this Christmas Booze-ical this December at the Leicester Square Theatre. The Capital wont know what's hit it!

We visited Dan in his studio to talk more about his passion for painting and his love of colour. He has always painted and has an emotional attachment to it. As we watched him start his painting process it was almost like an intimate performance piece.

"I love colour, colour and texture. I always start with the colour, 2 colours that work together and then the subject matter and composition evolves from there"

He has a love of photography and this photographic quality manifests itself in the subject matter he chooses. His bird series is an intricate study in detail, colour and light.

At Aubin we love the use of colour and attention to detail in Dan's work, we are working on a special T- shirt collaboration for our SS23 collection, so watch this space.

To find out more about Dan's work you can follow him on Instagram @daniel.a.quirke

Dan wears our new Vestry striped sweat.