Our brand ethos of 'Better is Greater Than More' runs through everything we do, we’re a brand committed to producing clothing that’s timeless and built to last. Seaqual is an initiative that essentially removes plastic from the waters and turns it into useful materials- one being a cutting-edge fabrication. When planning our summer swimwear range it was clear that this was the company we wanted to team up with.

Seaqual Initiative describe themselves as a “collaborative community with a single voice against plastic pollution”. They bring together individuals, organisations and companies to help clean up our oceans, a litter pick on a global scale!

These clean ups vary between small groups of local volunteers, large international programs and one-off beach clean ups. Often they involve whole communities of fishermen who retrieve waste on a regular basis when out at sea.

They don’t limit these cleans ups to just plastic, but collect and recycle the materials they find giving second life to all the objects and cleaning up the environment. Materials such as metals and glass are recycled using traditional methods and organic material and non-plastic waste are recycled or disposed of responsibly. As we are becoming increasingly aware, marine plastic is a lot harder to recycle but Seaqual have cleverly engineered a way to make a cutting-edge yarn from our plastic waste.

They not only collect litter from our beaches, ocean floor and surface but also from the rivers and estuaries that flow into the seas. The waste is then sorted and the plastic cleaned and transformed at approved facilities, and returned to industry to be turned into sustainable new products- one of which being Seaqual Yarn. Thankfully this yarn is now being used by many leading brands around the globe.

Seaqual yarn, other than being delightfully sustainable and drawing attention to this wonderful initiative, makes a very versatile fabric. Our washed black and red swim shorts have a soft hand-feel with an emerised face and are incredibly quick drying. They are smart enough to wear in or out of the water.

By choosing products containing this amazing fabric you are helping to deal with the enormous plastic pollution problem our planet is facing and we are certain you will love wearing them too! There is a very novel feeling which comes with swimming in the beautiful ocean waters wearing a pair of shorts that have helped to clean it.