bespoke furniture & Interiors

We recently had the great pleasure of spending time at the workshop of Object Studio in London. Founder Tom Vaughan trained in traditional cabinet making before continuing his studies in contemporary product design at the Royal College of Art. Reflecting on Tom's background, the studio today bridges the gap between the creative world of design and the technological world of manufacture.

The collaborative five-person team of designer-makers create luxury bespoke furniture and interior commissions for private and commercial spaces alongside a small in house design collection.

Tom says "I aim to create both well designed and well made objects that will last many lifetimes" An ethos that we whole heartedly agree with at Aubin.

Tom's work is the ultimate blend of ancient traditional craft with cutting edge digital methods, thus creating his own innovative style. He feels it is important to learn from the past and keep these essential foundations alive, but equally vital to continually advance these crafts using modern tools.

"My work is founded in traditional furniture making, but I draw on the modern digital tools from the design industry to develop new craft techniques, enabling me to push my furniture making further. By converging these two fields I can exploit both materials and processes significantly, enabling me to produce complex 3-dimensional forms that would otherwise be unachievable using traditional craft or modern digital tools alone."

Tom's craft is ever evolving, building upon his knowledge and skill. As a team of craftspeople, they aim to create both well designed and well-made objects that will last many lifetimes, a design philosophy that is close to our hearts at Aubin. You can check out what the Object Studio are currently working on through their social channels - @object_studio_london or their website -