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Sam was born and raised in Birmingham where he was scouted in 2006 by the top model agency Select. He was catapulted onto the modelling scene when he was booked to walk in a number of Milan fashion shows. It was here that the celebrated fashion photographer Stephen Klein spotted Sam and went on to shoot him for a Dolce & Gabbana campaign. Taking the dream trajectory of the modelling industry, he went on to win bookings for Vogue Italia, Vogue Hommes, GQ to name a few; the most highly regarded fashion publications, working with the cream of the crop photographers including Bruce Weber and the Morelli brothers. It must have felt like an absolute whirlwind, the definition of 'living the dream' to an outsider looking in. He'd been handed an access-all-areas pass to the mythical world that is the fashion industry. But despite this metaphorical whirlwind spanning the last two decades, Sam's down to earth, relaxed character would suggest that his Brummie roots are holding strong and that the next chapter, his business venture with Freddie, will be just as exciting.

Freddie worked a long way from the creative and entertainment industries in the traditional finance world, specialising in emerging markets. As a sovereign political analyst researching everywhere from Venezuela and Argentina to Ukraine and Nigeria, he then spent five years on the sales desk covering Hedge Funds, many of these clients are now investors.

Sam tells us - " Finance is such a taboo subject, you don't talk about the money it's all about the job, all about the creative side, about booking the job, doing the job and then the money is always the secondary thing".

If this is how it's always been how on earth do you go about turning the tide? Introducing Recolo, Sam and Freddie's innovative Fintech app which they started working on during covid 2020. Recolo allows models, content creators and other freelancers to have complete visibility on what they are owed and what they are paid. Essentially providing a digital payslip, detailing often unknown payment terms, with a very user-friendly interface that even the most un-technical person would find easy to navigate.

"We have built a win-win for agencies and their freelancers. With technology we save agencies time and offer freelancers the option to be paid when they choose".

The app even allows freelancers to draw down money before it hits the agents account if they should need to do so. Recolo's safe and secure infrastructure provides instant access to earnings, supporting the agencies who are caught in the middle chasing to be paid and trying to pay the talent. They are connected to the UK Faster Payments Network to enable this seamless service.

The perfect partnership, with a community behind them, offering a simple concept, "a really useful tool". They have taken time to develop and perfect the functionality of the software, honing the customer journey, speaking to agencies, models and influencers to get it right. So far the feedback has been "like a breath of fresh air", because whether you are the agent or the talent Recolo is there to take away the taboo, take away the stress, the constant chasing and to bring clarity. Essentially they are providing a long-overdue re-addressing of the antiquated systems and culture, putting the freelancer back in control, making them the client at last. Incidentally Recolo is Latin for cultivate, Sam and Freddie's hope is to cultivate more balance within the creative industries - "Why wait" indeed.

Recolo launches March 2023, to follow their progress you can go to their website and sign up - or email