This season we celebrate Britain’s “Green and Pleasant Land”. We take inspiration from British heritage and the British landscape and all those who live and work on the land. We celebrate the farmer, and their idiosyncrasies, the work of David Hockney and icons like the Queen and Paul McCartney, who all have a deep seated love for the countryside. We juxtapose this nostalgic look back aside a modern backdrop, creating a collection that would feel at home in the city and the country.

We honour traditional techniques and heritage fabrics and yarns with our authentic storytelling, reminding our customers of fabrications, patterns and outfitting that has always been there throughout their lives. Fabrics such as wax, wool and corduroy have a robust, long-life quality that feels especially relevant today. It is these heritage fabrications and yarns that have inspired this whole collection worn back with washed twill shirts and sweats, achieving that lived in, timeless look and feel.

Our intent to make apparel that is genuinely life-enhancing, offering practicality and versatility manifests in this collection. Traditions and familiarity are celebrated but through a modern lens. We look to the growing appetite for beautifully crafted products and an age-old philosophy of mending and fixing, lengthening the life cycle of clothing. This collection really exemplifies this mood. 

This is a collection that’s inspired by the past, living in the present and with the promise to be as relevant in many years to come.