At Aubin we believe that everyone has the right to both an ethical and safe working environment. We created our ‘Code of Conduct’ to ensure that all vendors we work with officially acknowledge and adhere to them. Each supplier has agreed to and signed our ‘Code on Conduct’.

The ‘Code of Conduct’ sets out the minimum standard working conditions that need to be met to work with Aubin.

By signing the ‘Code of Conduct’ the suppliers ensure that all the employees within their supply chain, either as direct employees or as third parties, are treated with dignity and respect. These measures are in place to ensure the supply chain behaves ethically, sustainably and with integrity.


All suppliers must work within the law of the country they are based. Suppliers must follow the Aubin ‘Code of Conduct’. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the contract between Aubin and the supplier.


No supplier shall employ any person under the age of 15 or the minimum age of employment of that country (whichever is higher). Suppliers must comply with the requirements of the manufacturing country’s law.

Womens rights

All women employed by the supplier must be treated equally in all aspects of employment including, but not limited to, pay, benefits and promotion opportunities.


Suppliers must ensure there is no forced labour and slavery within their direct factories or any third parties used by the Supplier.


Suppliers must acquire employees regardless of age, race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.

Wages and Benefits

Suppliers must pay their employees at least the legal wage of that country whilst all benefits required by law must be provided. These include but are not limited to paid holidays and medical benefits.

Working Hours and Overtime

Suppliers must comply within local law regarding normal working hours. Any overtime must be voluntary and must be documented clearly.


In accordance with our T&Cs, all employees of the Supplier and any third parties must not breach any local laws regarding corrupt practices which includes bribery and fraud. Suppliers must not cause Aubin to be in breach of any Anti-Bribery laws.

Migrant Labour

Suppliers must treat migrant workers equally and the same as workers of that country. Suppliers must not retain the personal or travel documents of any migrant workers employed.

Health & Safety

All Suppliers must ensure that their places of work are fit for purpose and safe to work in. They must follow all local laws pertaining to health and safety.


Any subcontracting must be agreed between Aubin and the Supplier before production starts. All subcontractors must have agreed to the Aubin Code of Conduct.


It is essential that all suppliers comply with local law in terms of the environment and should strive to reduce any negative impact they may have on the environment which includes but is not limited to reducing emissions, waste and hazardous material and improving water efficiency.


One of Aubin’s key philosophies is working with experts in their field of specialisation and who make products of the highest quality. Through good communication we nurture close and transparent relationships with our trusted partners. Although Aubin has only been trading again since September 2021, employees of Aubin have had previous working relationships with most suppliers that span over 15 years.

Our suppliers have all signed up to our T&Cs and so have agreed to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 which covers all employees, third party sub-contractors and other persons who perform services on behalf of them.

We consider the people who make our products to be part of the Aubin family, there is no them and us, we are one big team. It is fundamental to our company ethos that everyone within the supply chain is treated with dignity and respect, and we are committed to protecting and respecting the rights of all people within the supply chain.

Our ranges are designed and developed between our studio in London and our skilled partners globally in China, Turkey, Portugal, Tunisia, Italy and the UK.

All overseas suppliers are fully audited by independent, third party agencies.