Aubin & Wills was established in 2008. Originally launched as the elder sibling to the Brand's former stable mate, Jack Wills. The Aubin brand is now independently owned by its original founder Peter Williams.

The Brand has always prided itself in producing best in class products that have a timeless appeal. Aubin has collaborated with partners that share our passion for art, music and film, an example being the Aubin Cinema opened with Soho House in 2009.

Juxtaposing heritage references with contemporary and relevant music, art and film, Aubin & Wills has a sophisticated, British heritage feel. Grounded in authenticity with a sophistication, absolutely on the contemporary pulse, it has a unique position in the market.

When Aubin & Wills closed in 2012, there were 10 beautiful stand-alone stores, 6 concessions in Selfridges and a growing web business. Aubin & Wills has a lasting legacy as a cult brand with many and regular calls for it's relaunch.

At the time of its launch in 2008 the world was experiencing a “fast fashion” revolution and the appetite for “more” over-rided Aubin’s key principle of “Better”. In a modern-day world where consumers are becoming more and more aware of the impact their actions and purchases have on our planet, Aubin’s fundamental philosophy of “BETTER IS GREATER THAN MORE” feels stronger than ever.

With this in mind, it felt like the ideal time to re-ignite the Brand and build a modern interpretation of Aubin & Wills. With this evolution we have taken the decision to call the Brand Aubin. It really feels like the right moment to make this impactful change for a modern future.