The cobbled streets of the Newburgh Quarter lie within the wider Carnaby district. London's iconic cultural hub with a deep-rooted fashion heritage. Carnaby was home to the Mods and the Hippies of the 60's, and to the Skinheads, Punks and New Romantics of the 80's. It's vibrancy still draws the crowds today. Take a wonder one street away from Carnaby Street and you'll find Newburgh Street, a menswear alley with cobbled streets and community at its heart. You really can get dressed from top to toe, ensure your well groomed, appreciate art, have a pint and and enjoy a wide variety of world cuisine when you visit the street. When we were looking for a location for our flagship store to re-launch Aubin in 2021, Newburgh Street was the perfect spot.

This village within the heart of the city is lined with interesting independant stores, collectively offering an escapism from the chaotic elbowing and megalithic shops of Oxford and Regent Street. Newburgh Street runs parallel to Carnaby but has quite a different vibe going on, no touristy bustle here and more calm intent. Built in the 1600's Newburgh's quintessential period doorways still offer an eclectic row of clothing stores, bars, barbershops and restaurants. Step through the doors and you discover a community of creatives and innovators, all proud to have a piece of this hallowed ground. We caught up with our neighbours to ask what Newburgh Street means to them.


Mark Powell is local legend and stalwart within London's celebrated tailoring industry. A Londoner through and through and proud to be so. When we met on the street, he's looking every inch the dapper, wearing one of his made to measure wool over-coats and custom made 'Soho' silk scarf. He keeps apologising for not dressing up, we straighten our raincoats and wonder what that would look like! Mark opened his first men's tailoring and ready to wear store on Carnaby Street 38 years ago having trained on the infamous streets of Mayfair and Savile Row, alongside Richard James and others. Mark was a pioneer of the modernised approach for tailoring, the "New Bespoke Movement". He's made suits for everyone from George Clooney and Harrison Ford to 'The bright pink one!' for Scary Spice- the photos to prove it adorn his cosy store. He's seen some celeb action in his time, dined out with many a famous face and he has a few tales to tell.

For original bespoke and made-to-measure tailoring, shirts and accessories with a true heritage and a few stories along the way visit Mark Powell at 10 Newburgh Street.


Muhle's shaving shop opened in 2018. They are a traditional men's grooming specialist and barbershop with a fascinating heritage. Founded in 1945 Berlin, where the workshop and flagship store is still based, during the Cold War when the wall still segregated the city.

Nick runs the ground-floor grooming boutique, offering his expert advice on their beautiful, classic shaving sets and skincare ranges. The overriding pleasure and ritual to be found in grooming is celebrated in all they stand for. They use fine materials to make their traditional brush and shaver handles. The brushes are made with traditional silver tip badger hair, for the shaving purist, or their excellent synthetic silver tip alternative

The barbershop below the store is Oran's domain. All men's grooming needs are serviced here in the comfort of their classic leather barber chairs and art deco wooden mirrors. Oran has created a welcoming 'safe space' which feels far from the male dominated domain barbershops once were. He has many female clients in fact, and by the sounds of it is somewhat of a specialist when it comes to the "Pixie cut".

Oran founded 'Care Behind the Chair' an Instagram lead movement that shines a light on the mental health of hair stylists who often absorb clients worries and anxieties during treatments. He also offers the 'silent haircut' for anyone who suffers with anxiety and would really rather not make conversation. His treatments include Muhle open razor shaves and shave tutorials, so it's the all round shaving experience at number 14 Newburgh Street.


The iconic American Classics relocated to Newburgh Street in May last year, follwing 38 years based in London's Covent Garden. First established in 1981 on the Kings Road in Chelsea they made a name for themselves selling vintage American apparel, it was the place to buy a brilliantly faded pair of Levi 501's. Now American Classics specialise in men's American and Japanese heritage clothing with an emphasis on premium 'purist' denim. They buy an interesting mix of classic brands to offer menswear with an ethos for the authentic. The guys at American Classics love the friendly vibe and classic menswear heritage of the Newburgh Quarter, it feels like home for them. Visit American Classics at 7 Newburgh Street.


Kloris, two doors down from Aubin, offer an "intelligent approach to everyday wellness with a focus on CBD formulas of the highest calibre". They are multi award-winning and believe in harnessing the healing power of nature, combined with good science, an ethical business model and respect for the environment. What started as a hobby very quickly became a full-time obsession in 2018 for the three Kloris founders, Pedram Mehrshahi, Kim Smith and Matt McNeil.


Sophie Tea is a contemporary British artist who has risen to cult status success entirely through social media, rather than traditional representation in the art industry. She is best known for her 'Nudie' era where she celebrates the female form in her typical colourful and energetic style. Sophie's 'concept gallery' called Tea on Newburgh Street has become something of a destination for content creators, bloggers and influencers. It offers an interactive and immersive experience, a place to step out of London and into Sophie's world. You can peep back into Sophie Tea's art history whilst making your own. Visit Tea at 5 Newburgh Street.


Alfie is a familiar face around Newburgh Street. His is an artist, graphic designer and also has his own skateboarding brand Victoria. He was born in Hong Kong and studied menswear at Central Saint Martins. Since graduating he's collaborated with brands like Stan Ray and Vans. His creative energy is perfectly placed on the culture infused streets of Carnaby.